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KeyNote is a calling for a new conversation conduct in office meetings. It is a device through which you can both get acquire data about meetings, analyze the data to figure out your organizational culture and then re configure the same device in order to promote and entice a new and improved course of action. …

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Makeree is an app-course that will take you step by step in the process of becoming a maker. We are privileged to team up with  the guys from Free Time Academy™ in order to create the most exciting , beautiful and fun introduction to the Maker experience available ! We chose the coolest projects, made …

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BrainMatters is a creative platform for interactive projects that make use of Brain Computer Interface (BCI). BrainMatters was first launched during BrainTech conference 2013. MUSES – a BrainMachine interface exhibition The six muses are a link between a variety of creativities and inspirations. BrainMatters returns to connect fields of creativity which have sadly grown apart …

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