What have we been up to lately


PacManMan is a new physical interface to play the classic PacMan game. This lovely contraption allows you to play the game using your jaw movements to progress and a swing of the head to turn. PacManMan was developed during the Geekcon 2014 Makeathon.

Physical ActionPainter

we decided to come full circle and go back to the roots of ActionPainting. However fun it may be to throw virtual paint at a screen, there is no thrill like watching real time splashes of real paint fly around. Its still a work in progress (getting bigger and stronger by the day) but we can see it going to super fun places


DoppelGänger is an exploration of a dynamic link between virtual an physical identities through the examination of human robot kinetic interaction.

We envision a 9 robot installation and working towards a prototype.


BitWeen is a series of pong installations. We have a LightPong, AirPong and features here the SonicPong.


The Bubble bot is an original ForReal Team kit,

we have been developing a table top version soon to be sold on our website

stay tuned…