What we made for others


Kimberly-Clark Israel invents the I.O.Toilet –
world’s first connected toilet paper holder



Amit Drori created a pseudo-human community in the intersection between man, nature, and machine – a microcosm that encompasses the entire circle of life: birth, youth, ageing, life and death. To a large degree, the monkey robots hark back to man’s origins, and at the same time, they also represent the ones who are increasingly replacing man – robots.

oh-man, oh-machine

The OH-MAN, OH-MACHINE lab is a multi-disciplinary research initiative brining together artists, scientists and technology developers to investigate human-machine interaction, using both scientific and artistic research methods. The outcome of the group’s activity range from academic articles, critical texts to artistic and performative events. Current research project explores ‘re-embodied movement’ by using brain-computer interfaces based on EEG. Preliminary results will be published towards the summer of 2016.

SamaSama Park

First you think it is a show, then you find you are in an interactive park and suddenly realise you have undertaken a journey to a magical place you didn’t know existed and which is inside you.


In Itamar Shimshoni’s innovative exhibit, Stony 1.0 is a robot that operates inside a gallery hall. The robot moves around a real life size double headstone. During the day it “wonders” around, cleaning, placing a red rose then a dark stone on the headstone and playing music.

One could say that “Stony 1.0” places a (passive) mirror of the relationship between technology and death, without creating a dichotomy between them; while at the same time, it (actively) bases this relationship so that we can participate in real time mourning ceremonies. 

Israeli Pavilion at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale

At the upcoming 15th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, the Israel Pavilion will unveil LifeObject: Merging Architecture and Biology, a large scale sculptural installation exhibited alongside seven speculative architectural scenarios relating to the Israel spatial reality. The pavilion is re-conceived from a mere exhibition space into a research oriented platform that will foster renewed dialogue between architecture and biology, and will open to the public during the preview weekend, May 26 – 27, 2016, and on display to the public through November 2016.

Altair escape room

Planet earth has lost contact with the Altair space station and along with it, any hope for the survival of the human race. Mission Inc. is looking to form a special team of courageous volunteers brave enough to take an inter-galactic teleport travel to the space station in order to answer the most critically burning question worldwide:
What happened on the space station Altair?

Israeli Pavilion at London Design Biennale

Curated by leading design organizations and museums the London Design Biennale explored ideas about sustainability, migration, pollution, energy and social equality through the installations.

Israel – Human Touch

Presented by ACT Shenkar were two projects showing innovation and a real meeting of need on a humanitarian and personal level. The first was a device designed to parachute supplies into disaster areas and the second name Louder was a special speaker designed for deaf people. Stimulating sight with a visual speaker that moved in relation to rhythm and beats, additionally stimulating touch through a floor surface allowing you to feel vibrations through the feet.