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BitWeen is a series of interactive game installation inspired by the classic pong game. In our different versions we take a more experience based approach. LightPong The LightPong is activated by light and drives a ball of lights on a parabolic trajectory. As you go on the speed of the ball increases. Here is the …

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BrainMatters is a creative platform for interactive projects that make use of Brain Computer Interface (BCI). BrainMatters was first launched during BrainTech conference 2013. MUSES – a BrainMachine interface exhibition The six muses are a link between a variety of creativities and inspirations. BrainMatters returns to connect fields of creativity which have sadly grown apart …

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DeusExMachina is an installation that exhibits an alternative. An alternative economic structure and an alternative form of entertainment. The destruction vending machine is selling an experience, users sacrifice a personal object in order to experience the exhilarating sensation of observing their belongings being broken to pieces by a falling metal wrecking ball. A world in …

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