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DoppelGänger – Army of one DoppelGänger is an exploration of a dynamic link between virtual an physical identities through the examination of human robot kinetic interaction. The introduction of the digital sphere has expanded the borders of our identity and has opened the vast world of multi faceted interactions with other identities and the reality …

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Makeree is an app-course that will take you step by step in the process of becoming a maker. We are privileged to team up with  the guys from Free Time Academy™ in order to create the most exciting , beautiful and fun introduction to the Maker experience available ! We chose the coolest projects, made …

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DeusExMachina is an installation that exhibits an alternative. An alternative economic structure and an alternative form of entertainment. The destruction vending machine is selling an experience, users sacrifice a personal object in order to experience the exhilarating sensation of observing their belongings being broken to pieces by a falling metal wrecking ball. A world in …

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