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DoppelGänger – Army of one DoppelGänger is an exploration of a dynamic link between virtual an physical identities through the examination of human robot kinetic interaction. The introduction of the digital sphere has expanded the borders of our identity and has opened the vast world of multi faceted interactions with other identities and the reality …

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CommonSense is a visual crowd sourcing installation This interactive installation generates a dynamic eco-system, consisting of the audience’s thoughts. By using the application, every participant can create his own organism, which consists of an icon, a color and a word. This organism is charged with personal meaning, as it is joins the collective group of …

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LetraSet is an interactive installation that aims to give control of public space back to the public. The urban space is full of visual interventions and legal restrictions which are used both by public institutions and commercial entities. Spaces for free expression are reduced to the private domestic space or anonymous work that illegally takes …

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